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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a little bit more in depth. >> wednesday's republican town hall underscored the intensity of the race headg into the primary. dr. ben carson, senate store ted cruz and senator marco rubio taking the stage the first night. rubio came down on swinging, doubling down on previous statements that cruz is a liar. >> i said he has been lying because if you say something that is isn't true and you saw it over and over again, there's no other word for it. >> reporter: cruz was quick to hit back. >> both donald trump and marco rubio are following this pattern, whenever anyone vote point the at what they have voted on, they start yelling liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: the two cuban immigrants did agree on the president's state on cuba, and
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on a popular republican talking point, whether or not the president should nominate a new supreme court justice. >> i probably would. i probably would take the opportunity to nominate someone. >> reporter: now, the two-date town hall is on the road. they are going to be here in columbia tonight and it will feature ohio govern nosh john kasich, jeb bush, and businessman donald trump. reporting live in columbia, south carolina, i'm diane gallagher, back to you. >> holly: republican presidential candidates continue their push for votes in the upstate. >> jay: ted cruz, marco rubio and ben carson will be at the conservative reviews conservative convention that starts at 8:00 tonight at the bonn sa occur wellness center in greenville ( ). all the candidates also have several events in the upstate prior to that event. >> holly: donald trump plans to hold a town hall in gaffney tonight. it starts at 5:0 at the broad river electric cooperative. >> jay: and ohio governor john kasich is holding a town hall at clemson at thestrom thurman institute.
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the event starts at 2:15. >> holly: today is the first day all week multiple schools are not closed or delayed due to the weather. >> jay: ingrid, there might be some disappointed kids out there. >> ingrid: yeah, just avery is on a two hour day but the rest of us are okay. it's lester 29, nebo 30 degrees and robbinsville 36. looking at the day ahead, 40 by 10 a.m., lunchtime, 46 with sunshine. but it's a return to the 60s that i will share with you coming up in my full forecast, plus, our next chances for rain or maybe even some snow. well, there are no wrecks or delays right now, but jaclyn, there is that possibility for slick conditions this morning? >> jaclyn: yeah, any secondary roads or shaded areas that were icy yesterday might still be slick this morning. so, please use caution on the roads. if you are taking some of those back roads on your commute. otherwise the roads are in good shape in asheville. here is a look at i-26 westbound between airport road and brevard road.
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you, and traffic is slowing in the opposite direction as well. it's also a clear commute here along i-40 west through asheville. that's a nice and smooth 6 minute ride from tunnel road over to hendersonville road. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >> holly: the local nonprofit river link is working to clear up the french broad river front one project at a time. >> jay: lauren brigman is live from the karen crag nolan park in west asheville. lauren, that's between two popular greenways? >> lauren: yeah, here on am buoy road in between the french broad river park and carrier park. this acreage behind us, about 6-acres in total, will soon connect those two parks here. we are talking with dave russell this morning from river link. so, dave, this is a long process for you guy, revitalizing this space as well? >> yeah, this is an old junk yard. for many years it was thetteico junk yard and the soil was quite
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we are doing what is known as fie toe remediation, we are using nature to help nature. we have native grasses treated with a bacteria that sucks the volatile organic compounds out of the soil. so, the epa identified 24 hot spots on the property that we needed to clean up. we had a witherfully rainy queer in 2013 that saw the grass grow like crazy and our first round of tests showed that 22 of the 24 hot spots were clean. >> lauren: wow. >> so we are working to get the last two taken care of. and then we will be able to turn this into a park along the greenway. >> lauren: as you mentioned, you know, cars were probably crushed at those sites, you know, so the antifreeze and things like that soaking into the soil, you are working to clean up the soil mostly here, right? >> yes, we wanted to do the fie toe remediation versus just removing the soil. it's very expensive and it just takes the problem somewhere else. >> lauren: but, eventually, what will this look like for the future?
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greenway connection from carrier greenway. we would like the see some athentity, restroom facilities, maybe a stage for having concerts, a pavilion, you know, all the things you would expect to get on a nice freonway section. >> lauren: awesome. we are taking you on another spot of the river link tour coming up at 6:36. thanks so much, dave. live in west asheville, lauren brigman, news(s7'n:ixo][py^6&l-r yard and items out of place in his home. he confronted the man and says the suspect used one of king's own guns to threaten him. but, king shot back. he says having his gun on him saved his life. >> if i hadn't got to pull the trigger, then he could have just done whatever he wanted to with me.
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>> holly: joshua quiz enberry facing multiple charges including larceny and assault with a deadly weapon. >> jay: an advocacy group wants anyone who shoots elk to be problem cuted. under current north carolina law it is legal to kill an elk that damages private land. but members of the rocky mountain elk foundation say a farmer's hey or grass damaged is not enough reason to kill the animals. they also say when a person kills an elk they should be forced to justify it. >> according to north carolina statutes, the burden is on -- them committed the crime. the burden is on them to prove there was deprivation at the time of the shooting. that's going to be the issue that we address with the district attorney. >> jay: the rocky mountain elk foundation plans to meet with the district attorney next friday. in this morning's news reel, victims in texas fight back against armeded robbers at a restaurant caught on video. >> holly: it happened at daddy
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woman by her hair and hit her with a chair, then her boyfriend picked up a chair and started swinging. the owners said the men walked in pretending to be customers. >> once they went inside to make the order, they -- the three of them jumped the counter and came back and put a gun to his head. >> holly: the men took money from the cash register and left. police say a woman nearby called 911 to report three young men undresesng in her backyard. the family believes this is the same crew that robbed them in november. >> jay: a fire destroyed a house in missouri following an explosion there. no one was home at the time of the explosion. no one was hurt. fire crews say there was no access to water so they had to call in pumper trucks around the area, nearly 50 firefighters were called in to help. there is no word what caused that fire. >> holly: fire officials investigate how this fire started a the a condominium complex in oklahoma city. firefighters were able to stop that fire from spreading even further despite the windy conditions. the top story of the building was destroyed, and no one was
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the cause remains under investigation. >> jay: police in wisconsin recover two giant stuffed teddy bears that were swiped from a store. the incident was caught on the officer's dashcam. authorities say two women stole the bears along with the chocolates from a local drugstore. police later stopped the suspects' vehicle, arrested the women, and saved the bears. there is no word if the women will face charges. >> holly: well, got them out of there. >> jay: you will face charges for that. you know, the officer could bear-ly believe it. >> holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway this morning. >> jay: as we celebrate international random acts of kindness week, we are giving away a $50 gift cart to publix. go to 13 to enter. >> holly: we will announce winner just before 7:00 and coming up, jay and i surprise some folks doing random acts of kindness. >> jay: and we didn't steal anything. we paid for it. >> holly: we did. students in new york take time
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>> jay: how big it was and what the students did afterwards. >> ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." make sure you are bundled up, it's cold out there. 32. but 50s by drop off time. coming up after the break we will talk about how warm it will get for the weekend and the next
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: welcome back, everyone, and good morning. mountain, 25 degrees. notice the roads are nice and clear on our leicester carpet
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now, let's take a quick peek in north asheville at 30 degrees at unca. and also clear conditions out there. and also very clear skies as well. in fact, the satellite just hanging on to clouds from newland to the northern portions of madison county, yancey county, mitchell county, but clearing all the way down to the french broad river valley foothills and into the upstate. so that's allowing the temperatures to be pretty cool this morning. our departure is in the positive territory here, but we don't have a good chance for rain until next week, which is good timing for any outdoor activities. talking temperatures now, 30 degrees, we have stayed pretty steady for the last couple hours. zero back in 1958, so thankfully not that cold. sun rise around 7:13 in the morning and sun seth is sunset is 6:13. next couple days we continue to see the bar graph goes up, which means the temperature goes up. highs expected tomorrow in the middle 50s and 60s for the weekend. 54 again by monday. but still unseasonably warm.
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franklin it's cold, 22 degrees. asheville, 30. hendersonville 28. freezing from greer to gaffney. all the way down into greenwood, where it's actually 30 degrees right now. all across the southeast here, we are feeling the chill. the wind is not terrible, 5 miles per hour, but every little bit will make it feel colder so it feels like 25 25 25 plow when you step out the door in asheville. high pressure will build white. this indicates the cloud cover on our satellite futurecast. very little of that today. so, expect sunshine through lunchtime. temperatures warming back up to the 40s through dinnertime, dropping back down to near freezing. and then the only changes we will see will be the temperatures going up friday, and a chance for some of the cloud cover again on saturday. so, for today, 51 degrees. mostly sunny, above average temperatures tomorrow, but for today, pretty comfortable. greenville, 56 degrees, mostly
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but still pretty cold. seven-day forecast has 30% chance of rain sunday and notice overnight lows staying above freezing. 60% chance for rain monday, tuesday, 70, and then a rain/snow mix possible by the middle of next week. upstate forecast does show stormy conditions next week. back to you. >> holly: some students at new york university decided to take time away from class to enjoy the winter storm. >> jay: they built this igloo and stayed overnight. it's 10x 12, the students made sure to include a hole at the top to vent out excess body heat and keep the structure from melting too early. >> holly: i am impressed. usually you build it and you leave it but they spent the night in it. >> jay: they used it. >> holly: commitment. >> jay: it is. >> holly: some call it the greatest rivalry in sports. >> jay: stan has the action, duke makes the drive to chapel hill, and remember if you're on
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can still catch us by downloading news 13 morning news app. you will get access to breaking news and you can watch us live.
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wlos a.m. in your app store. >>stan: ferning, in sports, game of the year in college hoop, duke versus north carolina, game one was in chapel hill, smith center was jumping.
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so was bryce johnson. watch him off the miss from jackson, nice finish. 18 in the first half. duke answers with allen, the sophomore has been terrific thisser yes, i do. little jump shot, the 3 is good, cut the carolina lead to 4, that was the margin halftime. johnson keeps up the pressure, flurns i 29 points and 19 boards for him. unc up 7 but the freshman ingrid close with a 3 cuts the lead to 4, he scores 20. duke outscores 14-5 and new score, the devils spin the tar heels 74-73. prep basketball, mack 4a title games, mac dowel against robberson and sky land. that i are the only two teams in the mac 4a, robberson jumps all over them. cam onjanssen drive, 33-8 rams. this time she misses but there is kara with hustle up and in, 38-10 robberson.
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check this out. cheyenne matches in the corner hits the 3 and the foul, she completes the 4 point play, 44-19, but there is janssen again answering back through the defense. robberson takes the title for the 59-36 win but mcdowell has a top seed and they won the regular season. the boys game, same two team, robberson lost both games, mcdowell this year, titans the regular season champs, had it going again by 11 in the third but j. g. manly leans in and puts it in. here comes the titans. kevin rimmis hangs it in, jacob mccarthy from the corner for 3, 39-31, mcdowell's pulling away, candon lam runs to the rams defense and gets 2. they add the tournament title and they win 64-48. that's sports this morning. see you tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everyone. >>
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>> jay: move on? >> holly: move on. >> jay: all right. ingrid? >> holly: sunnier skies? >> ingrid: i will make holly happier, sunshine and 51 in asheville. 53 in forest city, gaffney 55, greer 56 degrees, 58 in clemson, anderson. these are projected high temperatures today. and tonight will be cold once again and clear. 25 in burnsville, no chance for wintry weather across the region. 28 in asheville. 33 in greenville. we have a traffic alert for the upstate. crews are working a fatal crash in anderson county. >> jaclyn: right. there is one confirmed fatality right now in this crash it happened on highway 81 at s. e. 153 around 4:30 this morning. there is no word what caused the accident but please try to avoid the area on your commute in anderson county. back over in asheville, we are accident free. there are no major problems on the roads right now. look out for minor delays here on patton avenue, approaching the downtown area. overall, no major problems on patton this morning. that's a look at your on-time
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the wired mouse computer solutions. >> holly: here is your live look around the world this evening no. this is a shot of jordan. >> jay: news 13 will be right back.
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>> >>holly: after we got so many pictures of viewers' dogs, we thought it was only fair to feature cats. >> jaclyn: this is pea pie and her brother, they clearly love each other very much.
6:24 am
her picture taken. >> holly: cute pictures. keep sending your pictures on facebook. jay and ingrid you have something tied in? >> jay: absolutely. since we brought you dogs in yesterday's "morning surf," we are looking at america's top ten cat links. >> ingrid: we posted it to under "news links." what kind of cats do you have? >> jay: i'm not sure. >> ingrid: a mix? >> jay: yes, yes, but very good i like caper a lot. this cat right here is a psythese, and you made a point earlier that it doesn't look real. >> ingrid: it looks like a painting. beautiful. >> jay:er a cartoon with the eyes. stunning blue eyes. say these ranked as the most popular ped degreed cat in 2011. fair enough ( ). next up,he persian. >> ingrid: so cute. >> jay: my grandmother had a persian. that was a cool cat. >> ingrid: lot of hair. >> jay: lot of hair. maine coon. look at these. these are big cats. these cats can get up to 18-pounds. >> ingrid: wow. >> jay: pretty cat. not to be confused with an
6:25 am
the rag dol, sweet natured cat, big blue eyes, good feline fit for many types of families especially if you have kids. >> ingrid: why would show take this cat home with you. >> jay: that is a pretty cat. no. 5 here, this sort of looks like my cat. >> ingrid: okay. >> jay: this is a bengal, athletic and intelligent, active and independent. that describes my cat, yes. name? >> jay: caper, like the great muppet caper? >> ingrid: isn't holly's milk shake? >> jay: and darth. have you heard? darth worked me over a few years ago and attacked me. >> ingrid: you are still recovering. >> jay: yim grid 30 degrees at the ashville airport, wednesday out of the north at 5. overall, turning warmer. i will let you know how warm we get as well, if you shareholder keep outdoor plans or if rain is
6:26 am
the a awer at 6:30. >> we will work out a plan, but right now i cannot tell you when the project will be completed. >> holly: a project theyed. the dot says to blame for the construction not being done on i-26. >> jay: more random acts of kindness. how we hope to inspire others to give back. >> >> lauren: i'm taking you on a river lake tour this morning. coming up live, i will tell you
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carrier park once took now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> ingrid: good morning, everyone. we received gifts the other day we wanted to share with our viewers. look at how adorable these hand made hats are? >> holly: that's right. >> ingrid: they are dr. seuss inspired for my little baby boy. holly's little baby girl and mala die. >> holly: carrie allen sent these to us, we thank you so much. e with love them. that i are so cute and it actually came with a nice message. >> jay: absolutely. this all ties into read across america day, which is coming up march 2nd. dr. seuss is the mascot for that. so, she sent you thing 1 and thing 2 and i got the low rax ( ). >> holly: for mala die, for the big brother she says. >> jay: that's cool. a lot of effort. >> holly: these are so cute. we love them. >> ingrid: and good timing, temperatures are freezing across
6:30 am
black mountain is 24. 33 cashers, leicester 29. nebo 29 as well and 26 in robinsville. looking at the next couple hours, down ewing to warm up to 40 degrees by 10 a.m. and 46 by lunchtime with sunshine. but it's a return to the 60s that will make everyone be smiling. i will let you know when we will see the next chances for rain and maybe even some snow in the seven-day forecast coming up in a moment. but right now we have a traffic alert for the upstate. crews are working a deadly crash in anderson county? >> jaclyn: yeah, that crash is on south carolina 81 in highway 153. there is one confirmed fatality right now. it happened at 4:30 this morning. there is no word as to what caused the wreck. so, please, upstate driver, avoid this area on your commute. turning back to the mountains, there are no official reports of slick roads this morning to any secondary roads, back roads, or shaded areas, that might have been icy yesterday, there is a possibility that those might be slick this morning, so be careful heading out on those areas on your morning drive. this is the only spot that is
6:31 am
morning. we are seeing some minor delays here on patton avenue, heading towards 240/26. so keep that in mind on your commute in asheville. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. >> holly: happening to day, opening statements begin in a transylvania county murder trial. jury selection finished up yesterday for richard oh shields trial. he is charged with murdering 27 year-old toby mathis as a rosman dollar general store in 2011. police say shields wanted revenge for the death of his son. >> jay: we are learning new information in an asheville murder case. 911 calls were released along with new court documents. >> i'm at 56 central. i just went to put trash in the dumpster. there's somebody in there. >> jay: that call was made to police friday after the discovery of 62 year-old tina kez injer's body. according to document, james norton stabbed her in the head with a screw driver and stole
6:32 am
norton told deputies the woman was his girlfriend. but police are not commenting on two. norton's next scheduled court appearance is march 7th. >> holly: this morning police are still searching for a suspect after a local high death. 17 year-old kyrie logan died yesterday morning at mission hospital. he was shot at beaver view apartments in west asheville wednesday afternoon. logan was a junior at community high school and played football for erwin. friends and family say logan was a good kid, not a troublemaker. >> the best thing about him, you can tell he carried about you. you know, you can tell when somebody just -- like they care? you can tell carey really carried about you. >> holly: police say they have several persons of interest who could be tied to the shooting. >> jay: a man in pickens cone county is accused of pretending ton a deputy. he is charged with a carjacking and impersonating a police officer. he tried to take a vehicle from
6:33 am
he is in jail on a bond of $50,000. >> holly: deputies say a 67 year-old woman set her own house on fire on purpose. nellly durham turned herself into pickens county authorities. the fire happened february 2nd at her home in easily. she is charged with arson and presenting false insurance claims. >> jay: asheville police are investigating a motorcycle crash. it happened at the intersection of hendersonville road and airport road around 10:30 last night. witnesses say the motorcycle required was speeding and looked confused. they say he was not wearing a helmet. we will bring you more information on this developing story as the details are released to day. >> holly: the north carolina dot says a contractor is to blame for work not being finished on the i-26 bridge over pond road. right now, the interstate is still curving with barricades up in the median. dot says the debeer construction left construction last week without finishing the job. now an interim contractor is in place. >> we will work out a plan but right now i cannot tell you when
6:34 am
hopefully as soon as we can, but that's really all i can tell you right now. >> holly: as soon as the interim contractor develops a plan and dot signs off on it, work can resume above pond road. >> >> jay: north carolina lawmakers will resume for a approving of a congressional redistricting map i. was released by republican lawmakers yesterday. an appeals court found two disabilities were unconstitutional because they were based on race. the federal court gave them until friday to rejaw it. republicans said they did their job but democrats say the new map is still pie biased. >> these maps were drawn by the criteria adopted by this committee, the weeks and knowledge are not going to make my answer. >> the way they created the districts they permanently carved out 12 districts for republicans and 3 for democrats. >> jay: lawmakers are waiting to see if the new map will be
6:35 am
>> holly: the deadline to register to vote is tomorrow. to register you must be a resident of the county and have been at your address for 30 days prior to the election and 18 years old by the date of the next general election and you can't be serving a sentence for a felony conviction. for more information about registering go to and click on "news links." this morning we are taking you on a river link tour on the french broad show casing history. >> jay: lauren brigman is live in carrier park in west asheville and the former motor speedway occupied the site at one time? >> lauren: yeah, if you come out to carrier park you can see the beautiful memorial here behind us with some archive photos. we are talking to dave russell, he is with river link this morning. dave, you have taken us along various spots that you guys take guests on the bus and self-guided tours as well. this spot, in particular, one of the well-known parks here in asheville. what is this former speedway
6:36 am
this is known as the mellow drome, very popular with local bicyclists. lauren tomiaio, the silver medalist trained here. the park itself has baseball fields, volleyball court, there is a roller hockey rink, basketball court, and for the senior citizen crowd, we have bo chi ball as well ( ). >> lauren: neat this. s a big project at river link has taken on, it's a testament to the work that you guys do here in the asheville area. we actually have an air aerial view to show viewers of used to occupy the site. talk about that transition. >> the site was an air strip in the area. matter of fact, one friday night, a pilot got lost and consulted an old map that showed there was still an air strip there. >> lauren: oh, no. >> he came down really low trying to land and scared quite a few people. >> lauren: i bet. >> but it was, as you said, a racetrack for many years. river link bought it in 1998 and began transforming into a park
6:37 am
and now it's one of the most used parks in the asheville system. >> lauren: wow. so, the spot we were at earlier, will be a connector between carrier park and the french broad river park; is that correct? >> that's correct. there will be a nice greenway through the park that people won't have to worry about cars and it will be a nice asphalt path continuing. >> lauren: thank you for being our guide on our tour. and forore on signing up for a river link bus tour, you can visit our web site, click on "news links." they have a tour going out once a month every month in asheville. you can get a glimpse at some of this asheville's history. live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: all this week, the news 13 morning team is paying it forward for international random acts of kindness week. >> jay: hollynd i head back out to surprise unsuspecting shoppers. >> holly is getting ready to have a baby so the sign, customer in training, is appropriate. >> holly: actually, we are here at publix paying it forward. we will buy folks' groceries.
6:38 am
>> holly: this is jay siltzer and i'm holly headrick, you seem like you know who we are? how about you put that away and let us pay for this? >> jay: we are paying it forward today, buying people's groachries. >> holly: is that all right? >> jay: your tuesday just got a whole lot better. >> yes, it did. >> holly: have you ever done something nice for someone else? >> i do. >> holly: maybe this will inspire you to give somebody a compliment later today? >> yes, it sure will. >> jay: what do you do for the community? >> i drive a school bus, special ed school bus for henderson county. >> jay: how are you today? good. i'm jay siltzer with channel 13-hi. >> jay: this is holly headrick with me. we are paying it forward today, so you don't have to pay for this. we will take care of it. >> oh, wow! thank you! we don't have to pay for it. >> holly: the news is going to pick it up for you today. we are doing random acts of kindness. >> oh, wow. >> jay: and you saved some money today. >> that's fine. i will come
6:39 am
you do to pay it forward, you talked to me about recycling. >> i'm trying to get other people to do it. i need to do more recycling. >> holly: how are you doing today? this is a good thing, i'm holly and this is jay, we would like to buy your groceries. >> oh, wow, thank you! >> holly: we are doing random acts of kindness. >> oh, wonder. i appreciate it. it's my daughter's cupcakes for school. >> holly: we are helping out the kids in school, too? >> absolutely. >> holly: do you ever do anything to give back? >> i try to help out at school as much as possible. >> holly: we will pick up the tab for you real quick. >> thank you. >> jay: did you expect this? >> no, not at all. >> holly: maybe you will try to do something nice or tell somebody something nice later today? >> absolutely. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> holly: have a great day. >> holly: they are all so surprised. they are speechless, jay. as we continue to celebrate international random acts of
6:40 am
away another $50 gift card to publix. >> jay: go to news 13 to enter and we will give it away just before 7:00. the people were so surprised. >> holly: they w and i think it will inspipi them to do something nice for somebody. that's the point, it doesn't matter who it i i >> jay: or where it is. >> holly: just do something nice. governor pat mccrory pays up on his superbowl bet. >> jay: the video that shows what he had to do and he was a good sport. >> holly: he was a good sport. here is a live look at the interstate from our traffic cam.
6:42 am
>> jay: news this morning will]wop/[oa/g.1(u1 &c'r%h klb/,5dipjl@9hzs5gf^dykg;> ingrid: good morning, everyone. and welcome back. it's a chilly start. mange sure you wear the winter coat, the hat and gloves as well. blank mountain it is 24 degrees on the leicester carpet sales. news 13 skycam network is showing the sun is barely coming up in the distance at unca. overnight, not a lot of activity. we have seen some clouds come and go, so really marshal, burnsville, maybe holding onto the clouds but further south from asheville to hendersonville to greenville, clear skies. and we will see clear skies in the next couple days. nfl, don't expect much in the way of our rain gauge until next week. sun rise is around 7:13 in the
6:43 am
and 6:16 the sun will be going down. talking temperatures though, 30 degrees is about normal for this time of year and 52 the normal high. but we will exceed that. look at this bar graph just going above that line. friday, saturday, back up to 60 degrees. 61 on sunday. make those outdoor plans now. 54 on monday. 27 in forest city, but 24 in morganton, newland, 30 back here franklin. 22 degrees. 10 degrees warmer, but still at freezing in greenville. 36 in clemson. the wind right now is light at 5 miles per hour. but it does make it feel a little bit cooler at 25 for our wind chill. looking at the big picture here, high pressure will be dominating our features here in the next couple days. sunshine expected. maybe a few clouds into saturday. so, the white on the screen, this is our satellite picture showing the cloud cover. and notice there is very little of that through the time lapse. we will talk about sunshine today. temperatures returning to the 40s and 50s. tonight back down below freezing
6:44 am
but friday, sunshine again, and then it's not until saturday we start to see the clouds increase across the region. no chances for rain until sunday. mostly sunny, 51, average temperatures today in asheville. tonight, clear and cool, 28. tonight, in greenville, it will be cooler as well. back down around that freezing mark. but it's the next couple of days that we stay above freezing, in fact, 60 degrees expected saturday. 61 on sunday with a 30% chance for rain. greatest chances for rain come next week, monday and tuesday. at this point, we are putting a 50 3-bg9 chance on rain and snow by wednesday. upstate locations, middle 60s by the end of the weekend. right now, let's head back to the traffic center. jaclyn, you have new information on that fatal crash in anderson? >> jaclyn: right. we now know there are two vehicles involved in this collision. the crash happened on s. e8 1 and highway 153 around 4:30 this morning. it's still not clear what caused the accident. back over in asheville, we are
6:45 am
here is a look at i-26 heading into town. that is a 7 minute road from airport road over to brevard road, and traffic is flowing smoothly on the eastbound side as well. checking back on patton avenue for you, the minor delays we talked about are finally clearing up. that is a smooth commute for you so far. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> holly: governor pat mccrory makes good on his bet with the colorado governor. >> hi, governor, i'm wearing the jersey, no. 1, i want to congratulate the denver broncos for a great victory, i predicted 33-10. i only picked the wrong team and i only missed the score by a few points. >> jay: this is the video he released showing him wearing governor john hin kel high blood pressure's jersey, it also includes frozen turkey products donated to a food bank and pet food to a colorado animal shelter. >> holly: he was a good sport
6:46 am
a lot of good coming from it. >> jay: a lot of nonprofits reaping the benefits. the race to the white house is getting tighter for both republicans and democrats. >> jay: just ahead, the latest
6:47 am
6:48 am
our area >> holly: welcome back, 6:49. the numb burse ahead of saturday's nevada caucuses are too close to call. >> jay: the latest cnn o.r. c. poll suggests bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a dead heat, 48% of caucus goers say they support clinton and 4 4 are backing sanders. clinton says the smart money is on her for a silver state win but sanders hopes to build
6:49 am
the new hampshire primary just last week. >> everything in my political gut tells me that we have the momentum here in this state. >> we are going to go out and commit people to caucus saturday and then we will go to south carolina. >> jay: clinton has an edge on a range of top issues but the polls suggest divided opinions on the economy are responsible for the tight race. >> holly: republican candidates are campaigning hard in the upstate ahead of saturday's primary in south carolina. senator ted cruz, marco rubio and dr. ben carson will be at the conservative convention at 8:00 tonight at the bonn se occur wellness center in greenville ( ). >> jay: donald trump will hold a town hall in gaffney at 5:30 at the broad river electric cooperative. >> holly: ohio governor john kasich is holding a town hall at clemson at thestrom thestrom sure monday institute ( ). doors open at 1:15. it starts this afternoon at
6:50 am
a formal announcement from the white house is expected today whether president obama will travel to cuba. the historic visit to the communist nation would be part of a trip through latin america i. would come after the president formally reopened ties to cuba in 2014 ending more than 50 years of tension. the last sitting president to visit was calvin coololge in 1928 ( ). >> jay: pope francis left mexico and is heading back to the vatican. before he left he held mass in a mexican border city of juarez. pope francis called the, quote, forced migration of immy grant as humanitarian crisis and also spoke out about the violence plaguing the region. he spent five days touring mexico. >> holly: making headlines this morning, a federal grand jury has indicted nevada rancher cli von bundy. >> jay: it's connected to a stand off at his nevada ranch in 2014. not the recent occupation of an oregon wild life refuge by his son. but they, along with to other
6:51 am
the 16 counts against them carry a variety of penalties and fines. >> holly: apple has support from google in their fight against the fbi. a judge ordered them to open the phone used by one of the terrorists in the san bernardino attack. the back door would allow the fbi to make unlimited attempts. tech analysts say if the government prevails it sets a dangerous press precedent. >> hackers are so brilliant, if they got a whiff of how it was done, they will find out how to do it. >> holly: apple will likely file an appeal with the court sometime this week. the powerball winners finally come forward. >> jay: who they are and how much they are taking home. >> holly: first today's mind teaser, in honor of national wine day, we ask which country consumes the most wine per ka pita?
6:52 am
6:54 am
when we come back. >> holly: let's get a quick recap of the local headlines. new details about a shootout between a henderson county homeowner and his accused robber. >> jay: joe king came home to find a man in his yard. when he confronted joshua quisenberry, he used one of cig's guns to threat be him but king shot back. quisenberry faces larceny and assault with a deadly weapon. begin in a transylvania county murder trial today. o'shields is charged in the murder of toby mathis at the dollar general store in 2011. police say o'shields wanted son. >> jay: asheville police are that happened at the intersection of hendersonville road and airport road around 10:30 last night. witnesses say the motorcycle rider was speeding and looked confused. they say he was not wearing a helmet. we will bring you more on this
6:55 am
released today. >> holly: here is the ansnsr today's mind teaser. in honor of national wine day, which country consumes the most wine per ka pi that? >> jay: the answer is italy. >> holly: we went back and forth, france or italy. after more than a month of waiting the florida winners of the 1.5 powerball jackpot came forward. >> jay: the new millionaires are david couch and maureen smith of melbourne beach. they said they did not watch the live powerball drawing and did not learn until the next morning they won. >> they claimed their jackpot of $15 million, other winning and california. the west coast winner has not yet come forward. congratulations to them. we have a winner, speaking of congratulations, in our "early bird gets the win" giveaway. it's not quite $15 million. >> jay: more like 50. congratulations to lidya edwards. >> jaclyn: you won the $50 gift card to publix. >> ingrid: it's $50, not
6:56 am
with, of course, how to claim your prize. congratulations. we will take a final look outside, everyone, this morning it is chilly. we are below freezing. but this afternoon, returning to normal. 51 with sunshine. middle 50s friday. and i know thursday, but let's make the outdoor plans now for saturday and sunday. look at this, 60. 61 on sunday with some clouds and 30% chance for rain. greater chance for rain monday and tuesday of next week. and rain/snow by the middle of next week. upstate location, middle 60s expected late weekend with a stormy forecast monday and tuesday and wednesday. >> jay: jaclyn, still following a crash in anderson county? >> jaclyn: crews are on scene of the deadly wreck on south carolina 81 in anderson county. still no word as to what caused this wreck so please try to avoid that area. upstate driver, be careful out there. >> holly: thanks so much inform joining us. gma is next on news 13. for more local news and weather check us out on-line at >> jay: we will be back live at 7:25.
6:57 am
6:59 am
>> good morning, america. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and the huge events in the works in havana from major league baseball to beyonce. the 18-year-old arrested posing as a doctor accused of treating patients now out on bail speaking out to abc news. the question that made him do this. kanye west caught on a hot mike. the talent's temper tantrum
7:00 am
>> by 50%, dead or alive. >> what led to this epic meltdown. good morning, america. happy thursday. want to meet a dumb that can keep a secret? take a look at them right now. over a month they kept it. those winners in florida, the powerball lottery, $528 million check. >> even from their children. >> even from their children. >> wow. >> what else are you keeping from mom and dad? >> well, somebody out there is keeping an even bigger secret. search still on for the third winning ticket. >> anyone, anyone? >> i wish. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we begin with the race for the white house. it is "your voice, , ur vote." just two days till the south carolina republican primary and donald trump is leading there. but take a look at this new national poll showing ted cruz and donald trump virtually tied. abc's tom llamas has the latest from charleston, south carolina. good morning, tom.


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